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Travel the World

When is the best time to go on a cruise? Simple question yet a little complex to answer.

The obvious answer is to cruise when you have time off from your job, however, when to pick that time that is relevant to cruising is slightly complicated. Most people choose vacations during the summer months. Children are out of school and the weather is warmer right? Well, keep in mind that if everyone thought this way it would be (and in most vacations destinations) very crowded. Also, if you are cruising to the Caribbean for example, it can be very hot and humid. Hurricane season is June 1st thru Nov.15th. , another factor to consider. Chances are that you will not experience a hurricane, but there is a risk factor in those months. Cost factors tend to be higher in summer months as well. These factors lead us to the purpose of this writing, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

Scheduling a vacation at work is a matter of requesting the time away, within the guidelines of your company policy. Time off at school is already scheduled before the year starts. Match your vacation at work with your children’s time off of school. Spring break is usually in March or April, a great time to cruise the Caribbean.  Long weekends such as Presidents day or Thanksgiving can be combined with two extra days for a great week away! Many people look to escape the cold snowy winters, cruising can be the answer. I recently took a cruise to St. Martens and St.Thomas in January and the weather was 80 degrees during the day and 74 at night! I was on the beach in the middle of January!  There are many opportunities thru out the year to getaway. Whether it’s just a quick 3 day refresher cruise or 5 day and more vacation cruise, summer is not the only time if you THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and plan ahead.

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“Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean”.

Tip of the week: Contact your credit card company to let them know you will be traveling. This will deter any embarrassment of declined credit while on your vacation.


Travel the World

What cruise line do I choose? A question all first time cruisers ask a travel agent. The experienced cruiser has been on many different cruise lines, but, they seem to pick a special one to them after cruising on many. They belong to “elite” clubs on their preferred lines and receive many extra “perks” for being a member. However, the “newbie” or first time cruiser has very little knowledge to base their decision on. They see commercial ads on television or read ads in a magazine about certain cruise lines. They probably get emails also and do internet research. Perhaps they have friends who have cruised before and recommend a certain cruise line. “I really like a certain (no name mentioned in this blog) cruise line ” they say, but, remember these comments are based on ads designed to sell or other peoples opinion .  A person sitting in their home in 15 degree weather sees a television commercial with a ship sailing the Caribbean with crystal blue warm waters and people swimming and says YES I WANT THAT!! Remember, most cruise lines can get you there. The trick is to find the right line for you, that will not only serve you and your family’s need at the time, but, will have you wanting to return time and time again.

There are many different scenarios to cover in establishing what cruise line possibly would be the right one for you. Travel Agents are trained to find out the answer. Thru a series of questions and experience the good travel agent will recommend a few cruise lines, then it’s up to the traveler to decide. When booking “online” who do you ask questions too to better assist you to make that decision? Who can recommend a particular cruise line because they have cruised on that line? The answers of course is NO ONE ! Let’s examine the decision made by looking at different people from a variety of walks of life.

There are three classifications of cruise ships and they are Contemporary, Premium and Luxury. Contemporary is the less expensive, used more by families , young millennials or budget conscious couples . These cruise ships have the flow riders or the go cart tracks and zip lines and more. They are very pro-active ships. The entertainment is excellent and the service on board is high quality on most ships.

Premium class cruise lines are slightly more expensive. Baby Boomers or GenerationX make up the bulk of the clients. These ships tend to be more relaxing and slightly more elegant. The on board service across the fleets is excellent and top notch. They have very strong and loyal “cruisers” who sail on them many times.

Luxury cruise lines as the name says, is a high end and luxury cruise line. Most Luxury Cruise Lines offer Butler service with their suites and are designed for the upper income level cruisers.

Happy Cruising!!

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Travel the World

Cruise Lines offer many vacation options or days of cruising. 3 days trips, all the way up to 148 days! The smaller days will usually offer one stop or port and the other days at sea. These cruises typically embark at one port and disembark at the same port. ( embark is getting on the ship and disembark is getting off) While the 148 days are “Cruise the World” or World Cruises as they name them. These cruises will have numerous stops at ports all around the world. They will typically embark at one port and disembark at another. The most popular cruises are the 5,7,8,10,11 and 15 day cruises.

Time to choose which one of these fits best for your DREAM VACATION ! The typical family of 4 (dad mom two children) usually have two weeks vacation. The 7 day cruise fits perfectly, why, well they need at least one day before the cruise leaves to arrive in their port city (remember the tip of day? arrive one day before). This is to avoid any problems arriving on time ,such as, delayed flights or the dreaded cancelled flight and they miss their cruise! Next is the 7 day cruise. 7 days of fun,food,excitement,food, shows, exploring and did I mention FOOD? Then the cruise is over and they probably need one day before they depart for home. This is a total of 9 days from the time they leave to the time they get back home, leaving them 5 days to “decompress” or relax from the most exciting DREAM VACATION they have ever had. Of course, this is only one way to look at it and other schedules may fit depended upon time and budget. Baby Boomers seem to have more time for vacation as Seniors have even more, both these groups will and do choose a longer cruise. As always, the choice is up to the traveler, and the 7 day package is the most popular.

So, why a 3 day cruise? Long holiday four (4) day weekends! Perfect for that getaway or “warm up” mini vacation. Valentines day or Presidents weekend to name a few. With all the choices of cruises and length of cruises, there is always one for you and your DREAM VACATION!

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“Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean”.

Tip of the week: Contact your credit card company to let them know you will be traveling. This will deter any embarrassment of declined credit while on your vacation.


Travel the World

In a previous blog we discussed the different types of cabins and the level of pricing that is attached to those cabins. We talked about size of these cabins and value for each. Before cabin choices are made we need to discuss the “where’s and when’s and length” of the vacation. Also, and just as important, the cruise line to choose. Where do you want to travel and when do you want to travel and how long of a vacation do you want? What amenities do you envision on the ship? All easy questions for a travel agent to ask and client to answer. Of course, most people will say all of these questions will depend on prices, right? Well not always true, a good agent can show you the value in choosing one trip over another most times by pointing out the cost per day breakdown and the difference between cabin cost per day. This, most times, shows that pricing is not always the leading factor in the choices that are made. After all, spending an extra few dollars to have the DREAM VACATION you and your family deserves is well worth it.

Where to go? Clients tell me “I always wanted to visit (blank) or I’d love to go there” ! Choices are numerous and worldwide and depend on what you and your family would want. Are you active, is your family active? Warm weather people or perhaps you are skiers or enjoy the cold weather better. Do you love nature or maybe you are scuba divers or like to snorkel. Or perhaps you may be history buffs and would like to see historical sites. People from the colder regions of our country and looking for a break from the bitter cold and snow most always choose the warm climates. As you can see, there are many choices to make as to where you cruise, they all start with you asking the questions to your family and building that DREAM VACATION for everyone.

 Expedia Cruiseshipcenters offers cruises worldwide. Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Europe, Asia, Baltic, Alaska, Pacific, New England and Canada and more. All this starts with you! Making the decision as to where you want to visit is possibly the first step and to make that call to a qualified Travel Agent the second.  The next blog post will talk about time, how much do you have for that DREAM VACATION, and choosing the right amount of cruise days to match. We will also discuss what cruise line may be best for you and why. See our “TIP of the Day” below.

“Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean”

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Tip of the Day: Take copies of your passports and travel documents and put them in your luggage. If you lose your passport or documents these copies can be used!

Travel The World

We at Expedia Cruiseshipcenters in South Tampa Florida receive many calls and inquiries about cruising for their choice of travel. Questions range from pricing, to what do I get for my money and why can’t I do this myself? Let’s answer these questions and provide some valuable insight as to why everyone should use a Travel Agent.

Cruising is basically like going to an All- Inclusive resort. At these resorts all your meals and rooms are included in the price . Cruising is the same. Cabins and meals (plenty of it! ) are all included. Plus live “theater” shows , pools, and in most cases room service and much more.One huge difference is that with cruising you will be making several stops (depending on the length of the cruise) at different locations, where as an All-Inclusive you stay in one place and see the surrounding area. Pricing depends on the type of cabin one may want and the length of the cruise. The lower priced cabins are referred to as Inside cabins, these cabins are about 180 square feet and have no views to the outside. Ideal for those who will not spend a lot of time in their cabins. The next level of pricing or cabins is an Ocean View cabin. Cabin size is similar to an Inside cabin but this cabin will have an “Window” or large porthole type window. The next category would be Balcony cabins. These are slightly larger cabins with a balcony thru a sliding door. Balcony cabins are fantastic for those who might want to enjoy coffee in the morning or perhaps a glass of wine after dinner. They offer great views of the ports you may dock at. There are Suites , Grand suites and PENTHOUSE Suites some with extra bedrooms, bathrooms and even a butler. All of these cabins have a bathroom, closet for hanging clothes and usually a bureau and night stand. Many people get confused on the choice of cabins. This is where a good travel agent comes in. He/she has listened to your needs such as….. we like to relax or we have small children or we are adventurous and active and of course budget considerations, just to name a few . Travel agents will then “recommend” possibly two types of cabins as the choice is always with the traveler! Travel agents have seen the cabins or traveled on  the ships, thru their training they have learned that cruise lines can and are different and cater to different clientele. Their expertise adds value to the trip their clients are dreaming about. We as agents see the value in upgrading from an Oceanview cabin to a Balcony cabin or from one ship to another.

Finding the right cruise, cabin and itinerary for your family is a big job. It is exciting and fun to plan along with a Travel Agent who provides his/her expertise. Cost of the cruise does not go up because you use an agent (free of charge to you) but the quality and the value do! In our next blog we will discuss what happens after we book our cruise? See our “tip of the week” below, and as always DREAM VACATIONS ARE  FOR YOU!

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Tip of the week: Always travel to your embarkation port a day ahead. Travelling to the port the same day can cause problems or missed cruises if you are late. Cruise ships do not wait!




Travel the World

The first blog of Travel the World is to explain our mission and the content which will be submitted in the future. As the name says, Travel the World, we will inform you on world travel, whether by cruising or land tours. Our goal is to also keep you informed on “tips” for you to use as you travel or prepare to travel. This blog will have “feature” deals and many sales that the cruise lines and resorts are offering at the time of press.

Do I use the online scheduling programs that are widely available, or do I use a travel agent? Does it cost me to use an agent? What “extra ” service do I receive if I do use a travel agent? These are some of the subjects we will cover in our blog, and many more. I am a travel agent with Expedia Cruiseshipcenters in Tampa Florida, we provide expertise on all travel and have associations with every major (and minor) cruise lines , as well as many All-Inclusive resorts, such as Sandals or Beaches. At our center the phones are always busy with calls from all over the country with travelers booking their DREAM VACATIONS. Extensive training allows me and our other agents to provide the service that you deserve and expect. Look for our blog bi-weekly, enjoy the tips and gather the knowledge it will provide and be on your way to a DREAM VACATION! Always available at 856-366-5794 or 813-254-7447 Tom Zane.

TIP OF THE WEEK: If a passport is needed for your travel, make sure that it is at least 6 months or more away from expiring. Some countries will not except that passport if it is 6 months or less from expiration date.